Sarah’s solo adventure, día 3

It’s siesta time in Trevélez, a pueblo nestled high up in Spain’s Alpujarra region of the Sierra Nevada. I have been in Spain for 3 full days. I am happy, still a little jetlagged, missing Mike, and exhausted from a sweaty, incredible hike to the first of the Siete Lagunas, 1500m above my hotel.

So far the best part of my trip has been the scenery. I am surrounded by wild color – swarms of purple and white butterflies; yellow, pink, and blue mountain flowers; a patchwork of brown and silver rocks mixed with green heather and pine trees on the mountains – all made more brilliant by the white, flat-roofed houses and grey cobblestones of the villages.

Unfortunately I have the butterfly and wildflower pics on my real camera, and no way to upload them yet. Your imagination will have to suffice for now! 🙂

Today is my only rest day (hence the day hike?). Tomorrow morning I will throw my too-big pack onto my shoulders and set out on my journey to the remote and non-touristy Pitres. The following day I’m on to Capileira, and finally, on Saturay I’ll walk to Lanjarón. I met a German man at the lake today who just finished this same walk in reverse. He said the first hikers he saw were here, hiking above Trevélez. Four days of hiking – solo.

This could also happen to me. Yes, I will see and talk to people in the villages I pass through on the way, but the prospect of walking by myself for the majority of the 40+ km is likely and, well, a bit unsettling. I have never done anything like this before. Heck, I’ve never even traveled alone before! In a strange way, however, I am looking forward to being uncomfortable in my alone time. It is a test. A challenge for my extraversion. A chance to be quiet for awhile. I wonder if I will feel the need to talk to myself? Practice my Spanish? Sing? Or maybe the wilderness will help me to reflect, to sort of meditate. I hope so.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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