Shake it up!

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I’m sure it will seem like no big deal in a couple of years, but we just felt our first earthquake. It was southwest of us in a town on the Kenai peninsula called Nikiski. At a 5.3 magnitude and 60 miles deep all we felt was a second or two of shaking/rumbling in our second floor apartment.

I guess it’s really not a big deal. As far as initial reports are telling us, people weren’t hurt; property wasn’t damaged. But still, I was repairing my day pack and then I was shaking. It was weird, to say the least.

As I read about our little quake, I learned that we have a lot of earthquakes here in Alaska, most of which are too small to be felt much outside of where they originated. But in 1964, a lot of Anchorage was leveled by a much more serious earthquake. Cities like Valdez which were closer to the water were pretty much devastated. I don’t think we’ll run into anything like that while we’re here, thank goodness, but as we look for a house the possibility of an earthquake is always on our minds. Our favorite house right now was built in 1944, moved to a new foundation in 1949 and then survived the 1964 quake. We’d be pretty safe there, right?

So don’t worry! When you visit, the biggest earthquake adventure we’ll have is riding bikes over to Earthquake Park. It’ll be beautiful and educational, and hopefully your legs won’t feel too shaky when we get back. 😉


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